Charlotte FItness currently leads weekly yoga practice at locations in south and uptown Charlotte. Many of these are open to the public, are appropriate for most fitness levels, and are $10-15 a class. Please check our schedule for current classes, prices, and specials. If you are new to yoga, have special needs, or want to host a fun group event, 60-minute private and small group sessions (up to five students) are also available.

Personal Training

Personal Training with Charlotte Fitness is all about you and your goals. We'll discuss what you want to achieve and then develop a plan together to help you be successful. We will meet at a public location of your choosing - a park, neighborhood clubhouse, local gym*. This is a 60-minute session of cardio and strength training. Most of the personal training sessions are private, but we will train up to two people at a time if you have a friend or family member you'd like to include**. (A support system is a great way to be successful at any exercise program!) An initial 90-minute consultation is required for all personal training clients. We also have partnerships with a facility in Matthews, Gunn's Fitness, where we can conduct our training sessions.

*Approval from a gym is needed for us to train clients at their facilities. The client is responsible for getting this written authorization in advance.
**There is an additional charge for two people.

Strength+Yoga Fusion

Charlotte Fitness' signature offering is a 60-minute session combining cardio, strength training, and yoga. After a brief warm-up, you'll be put through a full-body fitness and flexibility routine. An initial 90-minute consultation is required for all fusion clients. We also have a partnership with a facility in Matthews, Gunn's Fitness, where we can conduct our fusion sessions.

Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga sessions are available on request. These 90-minute sessions are usually conducted in the comfort of your home. It is an energizing and relaxing session where a Charlotte Fitness instructor moves you through a series of yoga-like poses. You are fully clothed during the session, and no creams or oils are used. We recommend an open space that can accommodate a 80" x 60" Thai mat. It is also recommended that you be able to have some privacy from typical home distractions such as pets, spouses, children, and computers.